The Facebook Block

Do you know how many times I have been asked to write an essay about the disadvantages of social media? I used to just stare at the person and say to myself “dude, there’s no disadvantage when it comes to social media”. Well I found the answer the hard way.

 It’s weird how our life gets affected by social media. Yesterday, after a long time I saw one of my buddies. He was one of my closest friend mind you. For some reason we had a fight about five years back and we went on with our separate lives. It was very coincidental that we met and we started talking having a coffee. We were talking about what happened and what was happening in our lives. Out of the blue he tells me he is married and I got so pissed that I didn’t know about this, let alone get an invite. I started barking saying it was his biggest day and he didn’t even invite me to it. To add fuel to my anger I saw him to be very calm and was sipping his bloody coffee and when I stopped he said, “I thought you were still angry since I am still in your block list”. Well, that shut me up for good. It was my turn to apologise and make him understand that we were small and immature, I definitely was, and how out of impulse I did that and I didn’t even remember blocking him. I instantly unblocked him and sent him a friend request but the conversation wasn’t quite the same after that. We bid our goodbyes and he invited me to his home one day. I just said I will try to come.

While driving home I was thinking how stupid I was. The block on facebook made me lose a close friend. Though the mistake was in his part for the fight but still I did an even bigger mistake by blocking him. It used to be simple back in my childhood, before the advent of facebook, were a fight would be settled by a couple of stares and a few bad words. It’s a very small world and quite interestingly it’s a big world too. Its small in the sense the internet has made this world smaller and it’s the internet which made people realize how big the world really is by putting out news from all around the world. I heard of some countries from the internet rather than my geography classes. You just couldn’t block persons out of your life before Facebook. Like, even if you didn’t want to talk to a person, the other person used to try to establish some communication with you, he being the bigger person of course. But now, the person blocks the other person making the bigger person embarrassed and not wanting to disturb. It’s a small life that we live. Did you know that when we compare Earth’s life with that of our galaxy it is only Five seconds? When we compare the Dinosaurs time to Earth’s life, it comes a mere 57 seconds or something. Imagine us, the humans, then. It’s a very small life we have and even in this small life we get to meet not even 1% of the total population. I don’t see a point in blocking someone out of my life just because something happened. It’s a damn small life we have and what do we do? We block people. I am not preaching anything here. I am one of you guys. I blocked a person out of my life and I am disgusted by it too. I just hope it wasn’t as awkward for him as it was for me. It wouldn’t have been. It was he who said lets have coffee. That’s what I keep telling myself though.

When I reached home, I went to my laptop and saw how many people I had blocked. There was none, I mean the only person I had blocked for all these years was one of my best pals. That’s…. that’s really really crazy of me. I have taken a vow never to block anyone again. I never want that awkward feeling to come back to me in the future where I block a person and meet him/her in the future. Damn you Facebook. I lost a friend because of your “BLOCKING DEVICE” and because of the contraption of a thing inside my head called “THE BRAIN”, or was it the heart? That doesn’t matter does it? I am sorry mate. Hope you see this sometime and understand that I was really stupid at that time.


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